At level up aesthetics, we don’t just try and look like we lift. We actually develop the strength that goes in accordance with the look. In this post, I am going to break down why strength is equally important in 3 simple thoughts.

1. Numbers don’t lie

When you’re challenging yourself week after week, the challenge will literally cause you to feel like you’re becoming a better you. There is absolutely no way to dispute the fact that you’re improving. When your strength goes up it shows up in the weight you’re lifting.

2. Strength correlates to how you look

There is a strong correlation between your strength and aesthetics. When you’re lifting heavier your body becomes better. This, of course, comes in addition to proper proportions and diet.

3. Primal confidence

We don’t live in a world where strength is essential for survival. However, I believe we still have primal instincts embedded within us. So by having the strength, you feel much more confident in your ability to protect.

The common thought is that by purely having aesthetics you will attract women. I have found women are primarily attracted to a man’s behavior (aesthetics are important for the initial 30 seconds, but behavior takes you the distance).

So the strength you develop actually helps you tap into the dominant side which can unlock a lot of attractive behaviors.