We have all compared ourselves to the models on instagram at some point or another. Perhaps we compare ourselves to the fittest person in the gym. I know I am guilty of this.

One of the biggest realizations I’ve had in my journey is that comparing yourself is a path to feeling like you’re not enough. No matter where your physique stands there will always be someone who is in better shape. IT NEVER ENDS!

Why torture ourselves like this? I have a much better way to enjoy the process and create a better self-image for yourself. The key to achieving this is figuring out how you can enjoy the process and not kill yourself in an endless trap.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. So this means your physique will take time. We want to make sure we are making the most of that time though.

While I say it’s unhealthy to compare, there still are standards you can try to achieve. I believe a body like Superman – one of the best possible physiques has a few key measurements we can use as a standard. I am not saying compare yourself to Superman, however, if you look at the stats it gives you something to strive for in terms of numbers and something to progress towards. This could be superman or whomever your role model is.

You must accept the fact you are not there yet. You will never be them. You can use them as a benchmark, which is great.


Your greatest competitor should be you. The most rewarding experience I’ve ever had in the gym is when I hit a new PR (Personal Record).

Seeing you beat yourself for that extra rep or lifting 5 pounds heavier is such a rewarding experience. You can do some rough math and figure that .5 to 1 pound of muscle per week is obtainable if done correctly with proper weight progression and diet. Therefore that means you will eventually reach your goal, with some minor plateaus here and there.

As long as you are executing then eventually 10 weeks in you’ll have added 5-10 pounds of lean muscle – if you dieted correctly amongst other things. What does 10 pounds of muscle generally mean? Generally speaking from what I’ve gathered is that 10 pounds of muscle can equate to an inch around the arms.

So if 16 inch arms is your goal. You can calculate that if you’re currently at 15 inch arms then it would take roughly 10-20 weeks of solid progression. So if we define standards for ourselves we can roughly estimate the time it will take to get there – do understand the fitness journey is a long one and plateaus/life happens so it’s not always linear, however, it does give us rough numbers to better understand the timeline and effort required to achieve the goal. This is nice because you can see the destination and feel motivated.

Once you know the destination, enjoy each and every week where there is progression. Becoming 1% better than you were, it adds up over time, and seeing the results in the numbers proves you are actually getting better.